We need your support

When students learn the value of kindness, service and empathy, they don’t just walk out of school being competent at math and science. They walk away being capable, compassionate people—the future leaders of our community and our businesses. They understand that to lead is to serve.

Fully integrating Character Lives into our schools over the next three years will require community and corporate support. Please invest in our schools and students to create kinder communities and stronger leaders for tomorrow.

The investment

Supporting Character Lives will help ensure a future workforce that is driven to serve, lead and improve the world around them.

Character Lives is a locally based nonprofit organization; when you invest in it, you’re investing in our community and future leaders.

The return on investment for Character Lives will be immeasurable. How does one measure life satisfaction and intangible contributions to the community? What we can measure, however, is extraordinary. A recent study from Columbia University indicates that for every $1 invested in social-emotional learning, schools and communities will see a return of $11.

Character lives needs your support

Please join Dave and Barb Skogen, Misty Lown, Marvin Wanders and Character Lives and invest in our schools and students to create kinder communities and stronger leaders for tomorrow.


  • Platinum Level$60,000 ($20,000 per year)
  • Gold Level$30,000 ($10,000 per year)
  • Silver Level$15,000 ($5,000 per year)
  • Bronze Level$7,500 ($2,500 per year)


  • School District Level$3,000 ($1,000 per year)
  • High School Level$1,500 ($500 per year)
  • Support a Teacher Level$750 ($250 per year)
  • Support a Student Level $300 ($100 per year)

How to Donate

We need community and corporate support to continue to fully integrate Character Lives into our schools. Research indicates that for every $1 invested in social-emotional learning, schools and communities will see a return of $11. We know the investments so far have led to extraordinary student growth in character learning and servant leadership. Please consider making a donation, and join the many community leaders, parents and citizens who have already helped support this valuable project.

Use the Donate Now button to make a secure donation online or download this form to send your donation via standard mail.

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Our donors

Character Lives would not be able to transform the lives of our students, the culture of our classrooms or the quality of our school, community and workplaces without our generous donors who make the character curriculum and training available for our teachers. Thank you for your support.

Current donors


The Elmwood Foundation
Kwik Trip
John and Linda Lyche
Mathy Construction
Dave & Barb Skogen


Altra Federal Credit Union
Patrick Clements Family
Festival Foods
Mayo Clinic Health System


360 Real Estate Solutions
Brenengen Auto Group
Tim & Sue Durtsche
Mikat Public Relations
Misty’s Dance Unlimited
Sarah Mullenbach Memorial Fund
Vendi Advertising


Borton Construction
Gundersen Hotel & Suites
Kish & Sons Electric
La Crosse Tribune
Roger Vandermus, Northwest Mutual


Vickie Bain
Bakalars Sausage Company
Chris Butler
Kurtis and Angela Breiling
Michael Carey
Robert Coe
Nancy Dorn
Gordon Knudson
Eric Maki
Marine Credit Union Foundation
Steve O'Malley
Jack Peplinski
Kurt and Julie Schroeder
Chad Thurman
Jay and Wendy Twite
Mary Jo and Shawn Werner
Lamar Advertising
What educators say about character lives

What Educators Say About Character Lives

Thank you for your support of Character Lives. This has opened my eyes and I hope that I can change the lives of my students and then my students can go forth and change the lives of so many people in this world. This [program] gives me hope for our world’s future.
Samantha L.
I have students tell me that this class is the most important class they have! I just wanted to thank you for making the choice to make a difference in many young lives!
Brent S.
The students are our future and we need to foster them the best we can. The money you give to this program is priceless.
Jeni K.
The chance to make a difference in the life of an adolescent is a gift, and it is our responsibility to be the best model of character to our students! This program helps me to affirm my commitment to the work I do every day with my students, and we are blessed to have YOUR support to be part of positive change in our communities.
Hannah S.
It is clear now more than ever that our students need this form of education and we need every tool possible to help them get it.
Zachary B.